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Why Are There So Many Bots on Omegle?

Random chatting websites like Omegle are great for people who are simply bored and want to make a conversation with a stranger. However they are also great for human made bots. Bots are basically programs coded to act like human and keep the conversation going. Even though we don’t know the real number, there are many bots on Omegle today. Here’s a few reason why:

1.Creating bots is really easy

Artificial intelligence softwares might require a lot of information and experience but the bots designed to talk on Omegle are super easy to create. They are coded with Artificial Intelligence Markup Language(AIML) which is regarded as one of the easiest computer languages in between programmers. So if someone wants to create an Omegle bot, they don’t need to go through much trouble and it naturally increases the number of bots.


Omegle is one of the online places which have a lot of people from different countries with different tastes. If you look from a seller’s perspective; it’s a perfect place to promote their products. Where else they can reach to this much consumers with all kinds of backgrounds? The easiness of creating bots makes it more profitable for companies to advertisement to users on Omegle than paying for advertisement to Omegle.

3. Blocking bots is expensive

You may ask, “Why doesn’t Omegle do something about these bots who threaten our safety and comfort?”. There are softwares who detect the bots in a website and block their IP’s altogether so that once that a bot is caught, it’s creator will lost his/her chance to enter Omegle again. But here’s the catch: these kind of softwares and equipment is really really expensive and not profitable for the owners of Omegle so they basically let them.

4. Conspiracy theories?

A lot of people on forums think that Omegle is actually the one who creates most of these bots in order to increase the users in the website and increase online traffic. The number of users in a website raises its “fame” so it becomes well-known, which in return means more profit in the long run. Of course it’s impossible to know whether this is true or not but Omegle’s only attempt to stop bots has been adding Captcha for the past 5 years, which seems suspicious to many users.

How to spot a bot on Omegle?

Of course it’s not possible to detect every single bot on Omegle but you can spot a few of them and not waste your time with a computer. There are a few common features:

  • They fail to follow the conversation. They might make weird comments suddenly; without any relation to the subject you were talking previously.
  • They usually start with phrases like “I’m horny”
  • They may talk about certain products or companies constantly.
  • They try to get highly personal information like you credit card numbers etc.
  • They repeat a phrase during the conversation constantly. The vocabulary of these bots are very limited so they tend to repeat sentences.



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