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Why Am I Banned From Omegle? What Can I Do?

Today’s topic is ‘Why am i banned from omegle?’ Omegle is one of the internets “I’m so bored and don’t know what to do” websites. It’s a great way to meet new people and never be have to talk with them ever again. While it’s fun based system provides “temporary” fun, we have to admit that it has a potential to become an addiction. But this addiction may cause an unexplained ban. As Omegle has a strict monitoring system because of underaged users’ expose to nudity. Even if you haven’t done something “strange,” you may find yourself what have you done to get banned. Currently, Omegle has no online ban appeal system so here are some of the common reasons to get you banned.

#1. Getting dropped countless times

If all of the people you match drops you quickly, Omegle thinks there is something fishy is going on there and bans your connection. Maybe users find your appearance repellent, perhaps they are looking for something other than “friendly chatting” or maybe they are just looking for a different gender. Whatever the reason is, if you get dropped a lot, Omegle algorithm will think that you are doing something against the rules of the platform.

If you sincerely believe you have done nothing wrong, you may have been matched with wrong people regularly. And that might have caused countless droppings. You may wait for the ban lift, or you can use a VPN and selecting a different location you may keep getting “dropped.”

#2. Reported

Intentionally or unintentionally you insulted another user. Or while chatting happily, you just went away and hurt their feelings. Or they are just toxic and wants to hurt people online, in every way they can. Whatever the reason is, the cause of your ban might be reporting. Thousands of people reporting other users to Omegle and it’s not wrong to say that platform is not doing a great job by determining whether the report is real or just random hate complain. If you seriously did nothing to offend users you should not take it personally. You can’t make everyone happy.

#3. Acting against the terms and conditions

Let’s be honest, we don’t read any of those long and boring terms and conditions texts. Because of that sometimes we lose our right to some digital content (Instagram, for example). And sometimes, this laziness causes a ban. Omegle system is pretty easy to abuse. For example, if you play music while video chatting, you may get banned. Because it’s not clearly stated in the user agreement that it’s forbidden to play music while video chatting.

What Happens When You Get Banned From Omegle?

Actually, nothing particular happens. You just can’t reach the platform in your ban time. Omegle ban time can change from a couple of hours to a week. Omegle bans are not permanent, and most of the time it doesn’t take more than one week to get unbanned. At the end of the duration, Omegle unbans you automatically.

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