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What Is Spy Mode On Omegle?

Omegle is a web-based chat platform that allows users to meet new people without revealing their identity. There are two options on Omegle to chat with people. One is video chatting, which is preferred by most of the users. The other one is the traditional text-based chat system. Both of these chatting options are monitored by Omegle moderators and acting against the rules may cause users to get banned. Omegle also has an unmonitored section for its users, but in this section, there are a lot of bots which promotes some adult websites. Omegle has one last option for its users which is a lot of fun for the participants.

What is Spy Mode?

Spy mode is an option that can only be used in text chat section. Spy mode allows the user to ask questions of people who are in the other chat rooms. When a user activates spy mode, he/she can choose between two options.

The first option allows you to join a chat to discuss a question which is asked by another user. In this chat room, you consider the topic with a stranger. The third person who asked the question will be monitoring the chat. But he/she cannot participate.

In the second option, spy mode user may ask a question to the users and monitor the chat. But he/she can’t discuss it with one of the participants. Spy mode user can only monitor the discussion between the two. You can think of this option as a tv show host.

How to activate spy mode?

Omegle is a user-friendly website that you can get used to it within a few seconds. However, for new users, it may look a little bit complicated to enter spy mode.

#1. Enter the Omegle website and go to the bottom of the page.

#2. Find the “Spy Question Mode” under the starting a chat options menu.

#3. When you click the “Spy Question Mode” button, a new dialogue box will show up. You can either ask a question or join a chat to discuss another asked question.

#4. For the first option, just click “Check it out!” button. This will take you to a chat room that you can discuss a question which has been asked by another person.

#5. To ask your own question click “Asking a Question” button. Type your question in the area and click “Ask strangers.” After you will be taken to a chat room that two participants are discussing your question. As we mentioned before, you can monitor the chat, but you cannot join.

Spy mode is a fun way to kill some free time. It’s really entertaining to see two strangers talking and discussing on a matter that you have asked.

Example Questions for Omegle Spy Mode

#1. Is God real?

#2. Should one president rule the whole world?

#3. Play truth or dare!

#4. Are women bad drivers?

#5. Is the government created Facebook?

#6. What is the best day of the week?

#7. PC gaming or console gaming?

#8. Are aliens real?

#9. Was 9/11 an inside job?

#10. Do vaccines cause autism?


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