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What Happened to Omegle?

You might not be able to access to your favorite apps or websites because of a few issues. The problems which affect your entrance to the chatting websites like Omegle are usually server-based problems. We can assure you that the engineers and developers of Omegle are probably working on your problem, but you might not be able to enter the Omegle also because of the problems rooted to your computer.

If you can’t reach Omegle, the reason why might be this :

1. Old-dated Flash Player

Omegle requires Flash to keep the chat going in both text and video messaging. You can use different kinds of Flash Players, but the most important point is that they should be up to date. Try to go to the website of your Flash Player and update.

2. Chrome’s Coding Requirements

Google Chrome is a pretty popular browser between users, but it requires HTTPS coding to process instant chat sites like Omegle. So there are usually problems in opening websites using Flash and WebRTC coding with Chrome browser. If you can’t access Omegle, try using another browser like Puffin, Dolphin or Opera.

3. DNS Settings

Computers use “Domain Name System”(DNS) to identify and categorize websites you enter. If you can’t reach Omegle, re-setting your DNS might help.

First, reset your DNS settings from your local server. If this doesn’t work, you might need to use a different DNS. You can find different kinds of DNS settings by searching online, but OpenDNS and Google Public DNS is our recommendation since they have free and effective DNS settings at your service.


4. Re-Captcha Problem

Captchas are usually pictures with numbers and words in them, their basic aim is to make sure that you are not a boot trying to access the system. But for a human, they can get annoying, and re-captcha problem is one of Omegle’s most big problems. Omegle might ask you to do captcha every time you try to enter and even stop working the website altogether.

You can try to solve captcha problem by cleaning the cookies of your browser, use plug-ins which blocks ads and captchas altogether or use VPN servers.

5. Server Problems

In this case, you usually get this error: “Error connecting to server. Please try again”

This server problem might be resulting from your internet browser or DNS settings. You can try to use VPN services and different browsers. If you still can’t enter Omegle, this might be a technical problem that can only be fixed by Omegle itself. You can report the problem by leaving feedback or a facebook comment to Omegle’s official FB page.

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6. Omegle Might Went Down

Sometimes websites as big as Omegle might not be able to carry the burden of too many active users and serves might shut down altogether. In this case, you won’t be able to reach Omegle until they restart the servers and website. You can check if it went down by using websites like this.


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