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What Does ASL Mean Omegle [SHORTLY]

Omegle is a social network that allows people to connect with and chat with strangers. The site works like a chat room for two people. The system randomly pairs you with another user. This stranger who can be anybody. Maybe 45 years old woman, maybe 18 years old a boy. All conversations are needed to be anonymous.

However, users can share their personal information and photographs mutually. Also, they can chat with each other using their webcams.

What Is ASL?

There are some questions that users frequently use in the process of getting to know each other. They usually start the conversation by asking their genders, their ages and where they live. The chat continues if they think they are appropriate for each other. However, they write these questions by shortening in general. We can say that ASL is the equivalent of a handshake in Omegle. This query stands for: “Age, Sex, Location.” The asl abbreviation, like many other Internet phrases, is a part of online chat culture.

Capitalization doesn’t matter in chat jargon. You can use uppercase (ASL), and you can use lowercase (asl) the meaning is the same for both of them. However, you should avoid typing the whole sentences in uppercase because that comes to mean shouting in online conversations. Another thing, do not use dots between the letters (A.S.L). The purpose of using abbreviations is not to waste time in chat jargon. Trying to type dots is contradictory for this purpose.

For example:

  • Stranger: Hi!
  • You: Hi, ASL?
  • Stranger: 22, male, India. You?
  • You: 29, female, Canada.

Some users can also lie, of course. A 15-year-old boy can say “I am 23” or he can say that he is a girl for trolling.

However, most people use “ASL” for sexual advances. They will begin to flirt with you once they know your age and gender. You may have entered Omegle to chat solely but do not be surprised if you see people who specify what they want. For instance, you might come across an answer like this:

  • Stranger: Hello there!
  • You: Hi, what’s up?
  • Stranger: Good. Asl?
  • You: 28, female, Germany. You?
  • Stranger: Younger than I look, horny man, my sex location is everywhere!

After that is up to you. You can continue or terminate the conversation and start to chat with another user.

Also, it must be said, and the site is not appropriate for kids. Users frequently use obscene, profane language, reveal their sexual secrets and share their e-mail addresses.

Other Omegle Abbreviations

Lol: “Laughing out loud.” You can use it when the person you are chatting says something hilarious.

Rofl: “Rolling on the floor laughing.” It is the similar expression with lol.

Ty: “Thank you.”

Brb: “Be right back.” If you did like chatting with this person, but you have works to do, you can type “brb” and then talk again.

Cu: “See you.” It is used at the end of the conversation.

Jk: ”Just kidding.”


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