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Meet And Talk To YouTubers On Omegle [BEST WAY!]

Some of the most famous YouTubers go to Omegle from time to time, to meet their fans and create a different kind of content for their Youtube channel. Some trolls use this method to make people fall into their trap by using videos of famous YouTubers. But is there a way to find out if the Youtuber on Omegle is real or fake?

How to Talk to YouTubers on Omegle?

How to talk to YouTubers on Sadly there is no certain way to match with famous YouTubers on Omegle. Matchmaking system of the platform works randomly and when you connect different people that can be anybody from all around the world. But if you desperately want to meet your favorite YouTuber on Omegle, you can pick all of your interests that includes this YouTuber. For example, you want to meet with “pewdiepie.” Choose every interest regarding Youtube and “pewdiepie.” That way you may slightly increase your chance to meet with your favorite YouTuber.

How to Detect Faker Trolls?

There are a lot of people on Omegle who uses YouTubers’ content to fool people to think them they are talking to a famous YouTuber. When you see your YouTuber on Omegle, don’t get excited right away. Ask him or her couple of questions. If the YouTuber’s mic is muted and doesn’t respond to your questions, you can easily tell that you are talking to a troll. None of the YouTubers on Omegle mute their mics and they sincerely respond to their fans’ questions. Some of the trolls lower the frame rate to make people think that they are having a connectivity problem. If you are sure that you have fast connection speed, low frame rated YouTuber that you are trying to talk is a total fake.

Which YouTubers go to Omegle?

There are a lot of YouTubers that go online on Omegle from time to time. These people want to create different content for their channel and socialize with their fans via the internet.

#1. PewDiePie

One of the first and most famous Youtubers is Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. He creates some gaming content and also makes vlogs. With his 65 million subscribers he is still king of the Youtubers. PewDiePie, occasionally goes online Omegle to meet his fans.

Most Popular Pew Die Pie’s OMEGLE Videos;

#2. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is one of the funniest Youtubers of all time. He creates vlogs, parodies and prank videos for his channel. More than 18 million subscribers of Logan Paul’s are trying to find him on Omegle. He used to go there more often, but nowadays he is concentrated to create original contents for his channel.

#3. SSSniperWolf

Starting her channel with Call of Duty videos and cosplays of anime characters, Lia goes online on Omegle occasionally and creates new contents by meeting strangers. She is one of the famous YouTubers that go to Omegle with her 10 million subscribers.

Most Popular SSSniperWolf’s OMEGLE Videos;

#4. Markiplier

YouTuber’s gaming video content creator Markiplier is another famous YouTuber that goes to Omegle. Markiplier first started his channel with “Let’s play” videos and as time goes by he created different contents with different concepts. Right now, Markiplier has more than 20 million subscribers.

Most Popular Markiplier’s OMEGLE Videos;

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