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How To Use Omegle Without A Camera?

Omegle is a video chatting website that allows you to meet new people randomly. To do this, you need to have a webcam to join the chat. If you don’t have a broadcasting device, you won’t be able to connect to the website. But with a little help from software developers, you may be able to join the chat without a webcam.

How To Connect Omegle Without Webcam?

If you don’t have a webcam to connect the chat, you need a software that tracks the website like you have one. These software called virtual devices, and under normal circumstances, it’s illegal to use them on Omegle. Beware while using these programs because when you do that, you violate the terms of use of the Omegle. With virtual devices that act as a webcam, you can add videos, GIFs, JPEGs and an image file that program supports. But don’t forget, if you get caught while using virtual devices you may get banned. And if you get banned, you need to wait until the end of your ban time or use different methods to enter the website.

What are Virtual Devices?

Virtual Devices are software that tricks websites like Omegle or Chatroulette to think them you have a webcam even if you don’t have one. Those virtual devices called “fake cams” and many people who use Omegle uses these virtual devices to add scary videos or photos to troll or prank other users. Manycam is one of the users’ favorite virtual device software which is completely free. There are many other free virtual device software that also free and have different language support.

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Popular Virtual Device Softwares

#1. Manycam

The most popular virtual device, or “fake cam” software Manycam is a completely free tool. But if you want you can pay $45 to get the PRO version. With lots of effect options, you can distort your videos and images to prank people and also add your own effects. Manycam supports different languages too.


#2. Fwink

Fwink is another popular tool among Omegle users. It’s free to use Fwink, like Manycam and works under Windows operating systems. Fwink supports many images and video types such as JPEG, GIF, MPEG, PNG, BMP. The program only supports the English language, and you can use it only on Omegle.


#3. Splitcam

Splitcam is also free fake cam tool that supports languages like English, German, Russian, Indian, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic and many more. Compared to Fwink, Splitcam supports any web based chat sites. Splitcam also has a recording option. So that you can record your pranks and share them on Youtube or any other social media platform.


#4. Virtual Webcam

Virtual Webcam can be used only in English, but the software’s effect options are almost unlimited. It supports web based chat sites and also messenger programs such as Skype and KIK. Like its rivals, Virtual Webcam also can broadcast in high definition. You can scare your victims with HD videos by using Virtual Webcam.


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