Best OMEGLE Guide Ever

How to Use Omegle On Android Mobile Phone [With Pictures]

Omegle is one of the most popular chat websites all around the world. It enables you to talk to complete strangers based on your interests. You can choose to use your webcam and talk face to face, or you can text. Omegle also has a mobile website where you can use from your phones or tablets.

Text messaging on Omegle is completely easy since all you have to is enter Omegle’s website from your phone’s browser. You can enter your interests and what you would like to talk about. Later, you should press “Start a Chat” button, and Omegle will automatically match you to a stranger.

But video chat is a huge issue because mobile phones usually don’t allow websites to use its camera from the browser. Since Omegle doesn’t have an app, we have to take the matter into our hands. Here’s how you can use Omegle’s video chat on an android mobile phone by using a different browser.

1. Download Puffin Browser

Your phone’s browser is the reason why you can’t use video chat of Omegle. So you have to download a browser that lets you use your phone’s camera. Puffin is a browser allows you to do that. We highly recommend you to download Puffin browser’a .apk file first instead of downloading from Play Store because Play Store apps are usually designed to end this kind of tricks so you might have to jailbreak your phone if you use Puffin from Play Store. It’s better to be safe then sorry so try to find an apk file of Puffin browser from a trusted website.

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2. Enter Omegle

After installing Puffin, launch the app and enter “” in the address bar.

3. Switch to desktop version

You have to switch to Omegle’s desktop version since the mobile site doesn’t allow you to enter video chat. For this, press the three dots at the top of the page. And enable “request the desktop site” option and refresh the page.

4. Give access to the Puffin

After requesting desktop page, Omegle will reload the page. After this, you should press the “Video” button as you would do if you were on a computer. Later, you have to give camera and microphone access to the Puffin to use video chat. This window will open when you press video chat. You should press “Allow” on the website, and this will direct you to Puffin’s own permission window. Allow access to both microphone and camera.

5. Prove you are not a robot

Camera will open right after you give necessary accesses, but we’re not done yet. You should prove that you are not a robot since Puffin requests a CAPTCHA for video chatting. It’s at the bottom of the chatting page. First, you should press “I’m not a robot.” After that, Google Captcha will start. It might ask you to choose in front of a store, click on the pictures including cars, etc. Do what it tells you to do, and you are good to go after you complete verification.

  1. Sam says:

    When I click desktop version it showing that mobile camera is not supporting. I am using Oppo f3

  2. Koto says:

    Gives me an error and doesnt request to use camera or mic. I tried enabling it in settings but it did nothing. Help??

  3. jack says:

    it doesn’t work it says im banned when i knoe i am not