Best OMEGLE Guide Ever

How to Use Omegle Desktop Version?

Omegle, pronounced as oh·meg·ull, is an anonymous chatting website. You can you use it when you’re bored, want to meet new friends or even when you’re horny and want to find like-minded people. Omegle works on the principle of matching people all around the world with common interests. You can also use it on your mobile phone but Omegle desktop version is much easier to use. We prepared a little guide to using Omegle on desktop version.

1.Enter the website.

You need to enter the website in order to use Omegle. You can google it or you can use the direct link we gave below. Beware that you have to be 18 or 13+ with a parental permission. Omegle doesn’t take any responsibility for the actions of its users so be careful when you are using Omegle. Also, Omegle is banned in some countries because of explicit concent so using a VPN service might be good idea.

Click HERE to enter Omegle!

2. Enter your interests

It’s easier to talk to strangers about your common interests so we highly recommend you to enter your interests or what you would like to talk about with your new “stranger friend”. You can write them to the box below of the page. Also, you can connect your facebook account so that Omegle will get your interests from the pages you like there.

3. Make your choice

There are three different types of chat in Omegle so you should choose one. You can choose texting, this way you’ll only write to the other person. The downsides of Omegle chat is that there are a lot of bots designed to adversite products so it might be hard to find a real person to talk to. The other option is video chatting. Here, you can see the other person from each other’s webcams. This section of Omegle is unmoderated so you can be subjected to sexual behavior. Of course, if your intention is to find someone to have some sexual encounter; video chat is better for you.

Make your choice and press the button you want in the left side of the window.

The third option is chatting for college students. For this, you should have an e-mail address ending with “edu” so that Omegle can confirm that you are indeed a student. There are only students and teacher in this side of platform so you can talk about everyting concerning universities anonymously. You can also find your university or dorm and make friends there. For this option, you need to check the “college chat” box on the right of the screen and enter your e-mail address. You are good to go after verification.

4. Talk!

After choosing your chat type, Omegle will match you with a complete stranger, based on your interests if you entered one. You can try to get to know each other here or you can disconnet and find another stranger to talk. Try not to give any personal information on Omegle chats, it create unwanted situations.

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