Best OMEGLE Guide Ever

How to Meet and Talk to Strangers on Omegle Facecam Chat?

Omegle is a place to meet and talk to strangers online based on your interests. You can use text messaging, but some people find it inefficient because texting takes too much time for people who are not familiar with chats and plus, there are a lot of bots on Omegle so you can never be hundred percent sure that you are talking to a real human being. Video chat, on the other hand, is much easier and effective.

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1. Enter your interests

Of course, you can choose to speak with a total stranger, but it would be hard to find specific topics to talk about. So Omegle has an option that you can write about your interests and what would you like to talk about. When you write your interests; Omegle tries to find people with the same interests. This way you can start talking right away.

You will see this box at the bottom of Omegle’s main page. You can write about your interests, or you can check the box below and let Omegle take your interests from the pages and posts you like on Facebook.

2.Choose your type of video chat

Currently, there are two types of video chats on Omegle.

The first one is a college student chat. This part of text/video chat is only possible for college students so you must have an e-mail address ending with “edu.” If you have one, you can use this part at the bottom of the page:

You can press “go” after entering your university’s mail account, and Omegle will match you students like you. This way you can make friends around your age and talk about the hardships of being a college student etc. This part of Omegle is moderated, so all types of sexual behavior are prohibited. If you don’t follow the rules, your IP can be blocked and you will not be able to enter Omegle anymore.

The second type of video chatting is the unmoderated section. This section is not monitored by Omegle, so you are free to do as you please. Sexual material is not prohibited in this part so you can -and probably will- see naked, horny people trying to find people like them. There is nothing wrong with sexual encounters online, but if you are looking for someone to just talk about daily life, Omegle’s unmoderated section is probably not the best place to search for this.

If you’d like to enter this unmoderated section, you can press the “unmoderated section” below the warning or “video” button at the bottom.

It’s important to be aware that Omegle, in general, is an adult website, so you have to be at least 18 or 13 with parental permission to use it. Text messaging on Omegle is comparatively safer if you are not looking for a sexual encounter. Viewing or possessing of sexual material is not allowed by US laws for people under 18 so you should probably stay away from Omegle’s video chat if you are below 18.


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