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How to Get Rid of Captcha on Omegle – Captcha Everytime [Exact Solution]

Omegle is a popular website where people can meet strangers online and have fun with people from all around the world. As Omegle’s popularity increased, the number of bots on the website also increased. These bots are computer software coded by advisers or trolls, it gets annoying when you enter Omegle and want to talk to someone, but instead, you face with a software. Omegle’s engineers introduced a series of safety measures to prevent bots from entering Omegle. The captcha is one of them.

Captchas are used by Omegle to make sure that you are not a bot. But as a real person, it gets annoying having to prove your humanity each time you open a window. Here are some solutions you can try to avoid Omegle captcha every time you are using Omegle!

1. Clear cookies

Cookies are small pieces of online data websites send to your computer, your computer stores them until the website needs it again. When you don’t clear your cookies frequently, you are keeping unnecessary data, and this can trigger captcha mechanisms in Omegle.

  • Go to your browser’s settings
  • Clear cookies
  • Restart your internet router
  • Restart your computer

2. Unplug Router

Internet routers themselves sometimes become the problem itself, since they are working non-stop in many houses today. If the captcha problem isn’t resolved after clearing cookies;

  • Unplug your router
  • Plug it back after a few minutes
  • Restart your computer

3. Clean the viruses 

Despite what you believe, each machine has its fair share of viruses. Antivirus programs filter unharmful viruses and let them be in most cases. If your captcha problem gets out of the hand, the reason might be one of these viruses. Try increasing the sensitivity of your antivirus program and clean up all the viruses.

Restart your computer and try using Omegle again.

4. Use another browser

We all have our preferences when it comes to internet browsers; however, not all websites are compatible with every browser. This can trigger Omegle’s captcha system. Try downloading another browser and using it for Omegle. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are generally the most popular and most compatible browsers, but you can also try other alternatives like Mozilla Firefox or Dolphin or Opera, etc.

5. Stop disconnecting fast

Everyone has their reasons for using Omegle; we get that if you disconnect every time, you are matched with strangers you don’t find what you look for. But disconnecting like lightning strikes might cause you trouble with Omegle because Omegle’s algorithm takes this kind of behavior as “suspicious” and marks you as a bot.

If you are only flagged; Omegle will continuously ask you to prove that you are not a robot. So try to speak for a few minutes with people you matched before disconnecting from the conversation. However, sometimes Omegle bans the IP completely for suspicious behavior. This means that you won’t be able to enter the website, try using the step below.

6. Use proxy IP services

This is probably the most risk free solution to how to stop captcha on Omegle; try using a website or program that changes your IP and make it look like you are entering from a different country that you are already in. This also helps if your IP is banned since you are like entering from another country. But be careful when you are choosing a proxy service, using them might be illegal in your country or the service might not be reliable.

7. Send feedback to Omegle staff

If you are sure that there is no reason for Omegle to show you as much captcha as you see now and the steps we listed above don’t work; you can try sending Omegle staff brief feedback.

Just go to the Omegle website and find “Send feedback to Omegle’s staff” button. A pop up should open like this:

You don’t have to give your e-mail but we advice you to do so because if there is another problem with your account, IP etc. the staff will reply to you using your e-mail. Briefly explain your situation in the box below and press the “send feedback” button.

8. Wait for 24 hours

Sometimes the most straightforward answer to the question “how to get rid of captcha on Omegle?” is just waiting. Omegle, like many other websites, limits their frequency of captchas by 24 hours. If it gets too crazy, you can try to turn it down and wait for a day. If it doesn’t get better after 24 hours, you should wait for Omegle staff’s reply to your feedback.

9. Try using alternatives

Sure, Omegle is a great website and used to be unique once upon a time with its system of matching strangers based on their interests from all over the world. But if it asks you to complete captcha every single time you click something, it might get uncomfortable and annoying. And if none of the things we listed above didn’t work, maybe it’s time to check out other alternatives? There are a lot of different websites and apps like Omegle that can give you the same services. Try using them until Omegle fixes its captcha problem.




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