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How To Get More Girls On Omegle? [BEST ADVICE]

A lot of people are looking for an attractive girl to video chat on Omegle. Since the matchmaking system works randomly, there are the couple of ways to get more girls and keep them talking with you longer.

#1. Nudity is not attractive

Well in some cases it is, but when girls go online on Omegle, they immediately get bombarded by naked dudes and their penises. So even if you want to have sexy time while video chatting, don’t do it directly. Girls use Omegle for different reasons than men. They want to feel wanted and attractive but showing them your body parts is not a way to make them feel that way. They already face hundreds of creeps in their daily lives. So don’t act like a weirdo and start with a decent chat.

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#2. Choose your interest

To match with girls that have the same interest as you, you should first choose your interest. That way you will be able to match way more girls than you usually do. For example, picking up girly interests like, girl-based pop stars or girly hobbies will make you get paired with more and more girls. But don’t pick so many girly stuff, your matches may think that you are gay.

#3. Take care the way you look

As we mentioned before, girls on Omegle want to feel pretty and attractive. But not by someone that looks like he lives in her mother’s basement or a potential serial killer. Get dressed specially for the Omegle. Look sharp and handsome. Arrange your webcam to get your best side. If your profile is looking better, position your webcam this way. Getting in front of the camera with a pajamas or some old looking dirty shirt is not a way to keep girls talking with you.

#4. Be different

You are not one of those guys that while trying to find a new match with one hand and holding their penis with the other hand, right? So, show those girls that you are different! Find a concept to greet your new friends. Do something to get their attention and with that way make them stay. Acting like a random standard guy won’t get you more girls. You have to be creative and find a way to show your sharp mind to those girls.

#5. Flirt

After you spend some time while chatting, when you get the signal you can get flirty. The girl you have been talking to will feel more comfortable with your compliments since she had time to know you better while chatting. But remember your limits. Do not get crazy and act like a stand-up comedian after she laughs to a couple of your jokes. Arrange the balance between a funny guy and prince charming. You can also role play like you are a mysterious dark person but after a while girls going to get that you are totally fake and disconnect. Try to be yourself as you are in real life, but with a little more eccentricity to spice things up.


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