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How to Get Girls Naked on Omegle?

A lot of people use Omegle to flirt and even for sexual gratification. Sometimes men and women match randomly on Omegle, but they like each other and see no harm in showing each other their bodies. It gives one side sexual satisfaction and confidence in being attractive to other, so it’s a win-win. Here are a few tips to get girls naked on omegle:

1. Don’t be naked in the beginning.

Men and women have different ways of thinking and also, different motives in getting naked on Omegle. Girls want to be liked and to be found attractive, not just body but also their personality. So if you match a girl and the first thing she sees is your naked body; she’ll probably think that you are seeing her as just a body. It’s most likely that she’ll log off from conversation.

Try to wear clean clothes and look attractive instead. Pyjamas and sweatpants are not recommended because they usually give “I’m lazy” message to another side.

Also, facing directly to the camera is nerve-wracking for most girls mostly because it shows that you have some expectations. Instead, try to look somewhere else but don’t face entirely away from camera.

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2. Engage in Conversation

Even though the sexual intent might be there somewhere, most people go on Omegle to spend time with someone interesting. So be that someone. There are a lot of girls from different nations on Omegle so you can learn how to say “hello” in Chinese, Russian, French, etc. because that would be the great ice-breaker for a foreign girl.

Try to engage her in conversation, ask questions but nothing too personal. Keep it light, talk about her childhood, her favorite movies, and books, etc.


Flirting on Omegle is not much different than real life. Be playful; it’s a truth that girls like boys who make them laugh. Try telling her cheesy jokes or tell funny stories. Making impressions of celebrities and asking her to try some might also be a good idea.

Complimenting each other is also significant in flirting. Keep eye contact and tell her what did you like about her through the conversation. They don’t have to be all about her appearance; complimenting her choice in books, movies and music will work too.


4. Always Smile

Smiling, in general, gives good vibes to the person you are having a conversation with. So try to smile slightly during conversation. Girls usually like to find someone they can laugh together. Laughing together with the jokes you made is always a good sign.

5. Don’t Be Forceful

It’s true that a lot of girls get naked on Omegle, but the girl you matched might not be one of them. Or, she might be one of them but you might not be the person she wants to see her. Consent is the key in all kinds of sexual interaction so if she doesn’t want to get naked or even flirt with you; don’t try to push her.

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