Best OMEGLE Guide Ever

How To Find Real People On Omegle? [AVOID TROLLS]

Omegle is a popular website used by millions of people. However, finding a real person here can sometimes be difficult because in general, people are using it to troll or scare strangers. You still have the opportunity to have a real conversation with a real person on Omegle. At first, it may not be easy to find a real person, but you will learn how things work in time.

#1. Add your interests

You can add your interests in Omegle so that you have the chance to match with people whose tastes are closer to you. However, if you realize there are lots of trolls or bots with a specific interest, delete it and try again after a while.

#2. Make a proper entrance to your conversation

For this, you could say “Hi” or “what’s up.” However, texting “Hi, I’m a horny man/woman” or “ASL?” is not a good choice. After a smooth start, you can tell that you want to have a proper conversation. Moreover, if the person is on the same page with you, he won’t disconnect.


#3. Try to keep trolls out

Once you have started the conversation and introduced yourself, indicate that you want to have a proper conversation. If the person in your chat room cannot speak English or if he/she says that she/he is horny you can ask him/her to disconnect.

#4. Learn how to recognize trolls and bots

There are several key ways to identify people who are trolls. They may say something absurd or offensive at the beginning of the conversation. Alternatively, they say “I’m horny.” Bots usually write irrelevant things to the subject.


#5. Don’t be hesitate to disconnect

If the person you speak seems strange and says something weird, disconnect. Besides, if the person starts a conversation by texting “asl,” they usually are most likely looking for someone to have cyber sex with. You do not have to make concessions to this kind of people. After all, what matters is what you want.

#6. Try to have some fun

You do not always have to have a strict attitude. If the person you are talking about says something random and fun, you can adapt and frolic. If she/he offensive you can disconnect. However, some nice conversations begin with weird things, you know.

#7. Don’t be fooled by trolls

Some trolls can say that Omegle is tracking your IP address or they say that the Omegle is categorized people. However, their message usually ending with fake contact information. These are usually fake, do not believe. After a while, you can recognize the trolls at a single glance.

#8. You will drop across every type of person on Omegle

You can come across to people who seem honest, but actually, they are not. The trolls, the liars, the horny people, people who tend to commit suicide, the people who are looking for fun, etc. You should learn to deal with people with different characters so you can make every conversation fun.


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