Best OMEGLE Guide Ever

How to Find Girls on Omegle Everytime?

Do you want to chat with girls on Omegle, but you can’t? Maybe you’re doing something wrong. Perhaps being anonymous does not always make things easier. If you find someone you want to talk to, you should first take her attention. If you don’t know how, it may be useful to blink at the following suggestions.

1. Create a new Facebook account

For this trick, we suggest that you open a new Facebook account, or have an account that you haven’t liked any pages. Once you have made a Facebook account, you can enter a girl’s profile and check the tags. Then enter the Omegle website and click the “Add my Facebook likes as topics” button. Thus you allowed Omegle to access your account. And you can reach girls more easily. But just opening a Facebook account isn’t enough.

2. Focus on interests

It will be a better move to enter of interests that attract girls’ attention. Because Omegle allows you to chat with people with similar interests. For example, you can start with TV shows that women watch more, books or hobbies that appeal to women. If you add interests that more appeal to men (ex. football, cars, action movies etc), you’re less likely to chat with girls. But terms such as “dating”, “yoga” and “shopping” can match you with girls. Another idea is to add your current location to your interests. This will help Omegle geographically so you’re more likely to chat with girls nearby.


3. Start a proper conversation

Always be gentle even if your aim is to just have sex chat. Be careful and move step by step. After all, you don’t know the person you chatting. Don’t start the chat with “ASL” like most user. Ask ordinary questions at first: “How are you?”, “Where are you come from?”, “How old are you?”. Do not ask a general and cliché question like “Do you like to watch movies?” Focus on more specific questions, ask about your favorite movie or something about a hobby you’re dealing with. It’s also good to make a joke at times, but not the offensive ones. If you want to switch to sex chat, you have to do it softly. You might say: ”Do you want to hear some dirty questions?”

4. Make sure she’s a real person

If the chat is going well and you’re both warming up, you can get to know each other more honestly. Thus, you should make sure that the person in front of you is not a troll. You can politely ask for a photo. If you are having video chat, the person you are talking to may be using a video recording (people sometimes do this). To catch this, you can ask her specific questions. In particular, female users use emojis when texting. This helps you understand whether or not you’re talking to a real person or not. If you suspect, you can offer to make conversation via Skype. Besides, don’t hesitate to disconnect if you’re not satisfied.



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