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How To Connect Manycam To Omegle?

Manycam is the world’s best and favourite fake cam software. With Manycam, you can connect to Omegle and other web based chat sites without having a real webcam. Manycam provides lots of effects that you can use to troll or prank people. Under normal circumstances, you need to have a webcam in order to connect Omegle video chat. But with this tool, webcam is not necessary anymore.

What Are ManyCam’s Features?

Manycam’s most popular feature is effects. With these effects, you can distort your normal webcam broadcast or you can use a downloaded video and make some changes on it according to your taste. This software also supports large variety of languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Italian and Russian. You are not limited to those languages; the program also supports many other languages too.


One of the programs lovely feature is that it supports HD. You can download HD videos and edit them with effects tool. You won’t be losing any quality while broadcasting your downloaded HD video. Most of the Manycam users are using this method to scare, troll or prank other Omegle users.

You can use Manycam on Omegle and any other web based chat sites, such as Chatroulette and also it supports messenger programs like Skype and KIK.

Manycam has recording option too. You can record your Omegle video chat session and use it on your Youtube channel or any other social media platform.

How to Use ManyCam On Omegle?

Our step-by-step guide will help you to use this tool on Omegle. It’s pretty easy if you are familiar to side tools like this.

#1. Download Manycam from its official website and install it on your computer.

#2. If you are already on Omegle from any browser, close the tab. It’s crucial that Manycam is already running before you visit Omegle.

#3. Launch Manycam on your pc. There are two options here that you can choose. If you already have a webcam, you can just keep broadcasting with it and distort your stream with softwares effects. Or you can just upload another video that you downloaded before. Choose the second option if you want to troll people on Omegle.

#4. If you want to add some text on your broadcast, you can click the lower third tab in the bottom section. From here you can add fancy frames and texts to your video stream.

#5. Open your web browser and go to Omegle.

#6. When you try to join the video chat, Omegle is going to ask you which webcam you want to broadcast. From the drop-down list, choose “Manycam Virtual Camera”.

#7. If you did every step correctly, you should now be connected to Omegle via fake cam.

Even this software allows you to prank other users with scary videos, you should know that this is against the terms of user agreement of the web site. If you get caught while using one of those fake cam softwares, it’s possible for you to get banned shortly after.



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