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How Long Do Omegle Bans Last?

Omegle is a popular chat site that lets you talk to people you don’t know on the internet. After you have entered your information about your interests, you start to speak anonymously with a random stranger. But some people can do something silly with the comfort of being anonymous. If what they do is cross the line, they are banned from Omegle. OK, but how long is an Omegle ban?

Why Do People Get Banned From Omegle?

The Omegle terms of service are a bit complicated, and any infraction of this terms can end with a ban. While most of the prohibitions are legitimate, some innocent users are also banned for prohibition being made automatically.

Main reasons why users are banned on Omegle:

  • Breaking the terms of service: There are some rules everyone guesses; no sexual harassment, no nudity, no threatening messages, etc. But there are some strange rules that you don’t know. For example; while you are making video calls, you cannot listen to music in the background. Otherwise, you will be banned. The reason for this is that it is against copyright laws.
  • Be reported by another user: If you’ve argued with another user during a chat, this person may have been filed a complaint which can cause you getting banned. But the main problem is that if you are banned unfairly, there is no way to explain it.
  • If your internet connection is untrustable or too slow, you may be frequently dropped out of a chat. However, if it starts to persist, the system starts to think you are a bot and ban you. 


How Does Omegle Ban Last?

In general, Omegle ban has no specific time. This may vary depending on the severity of the reason for which you were originally banned. Bans begin to operate after one week and may last up to 120 days for serious infractions.

But, you may be permanently banned if you commit the same crimes again and again or if you make a serious infraction. This is done by the site enlisting your IP and inhibiting all connections from that IP. In such a case, you cannot use this service, unfortunately. Therefore, it is necessary to obey the rules and not to violate.

If you are banned from Omegle but want to go back to the site, there are several ways you can apply. Because the prohibition based on your IP address, what you need to do is get a new IP address. Thus, the Omegle system will not identify you as the same person who was banned, so you can log in and continue using the site. You may not know how to get a new IP address. The best way to do this is to use VPN.

You can also try resetting your network and turning your modem off and on. But this method is not very reliable. As a result, the easiest way is to use VPN.


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