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Camera isn’t Working on Omegle [Exact Solution]

Omegle is an excellent website to meet strangers from all over the world and make friends. It began as a chatting site and added the video chat version afterward. This way, you can directly see who are you talking to and have more fun. Also, video chat option can’t be used by thousands of bots on Omegle so you’ll make sure that you are talking to an actual person! However, many users are having problems in using the video chat option on Omegle, they face with this error: “Error with camera: Requested device not found.”

There are a few reasons why your camera is not working on Omegle. Your camera might be broken or unplugged. It is possible that your webcam might be broken physically or not correctly connected to your computer or unplugged entirely. Make sure it is plugged and working correctly. If you are confident, the reason why might be one of the following, try the solutions we recommend:

1. Other programs might be using your camera.

Webcams and built-in cameras of laptops are usually can’t be used by a few programs at the same time. Omegle not recognizing webcam might be a direct result of another program’s usage of your camera. Skype, Whatsapp Web, Google Hangouts are all programs using your webcam in the background if you leave their cameras open.

If you can find which program is using your camera, close it entirely and try Omegle again. If you can’t find the program, you’ll have to disable other programs’ permission to use your camera.

  • Press Windows+R and open the “Run” box of Windows.
  • Type: “ms-settings:privacy-webcam” in the box and enter. This will take you to the settings of the camera.
  • In this window, you’ll be able to see which programs are requesting to use your camera. Make sure you turn all of except for the browser you use to enter Omegle.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Try Omegle video chat again.

2. Your browser may not be up to date.

Sometimes Omegle can’t detect the camera when the internet browser you are using is not updated. This might be in two ways:

Your browser’s general build up might not be compatible with video chat. Some browsers are outdated, and their coding is not enough to work with modern versions of even old websites. If you are having problems using your webcam with other websites as well, the chances are high that it is because of your browser.

Your browser might be contemporary, but the version you are using might not be up to date. Try entering the settings of your internet browser and update to the last version of it.

3. Adobe Flash Player may not be up to date.

Even though there are other service providers; Adobe Flash Player is generally used for camera and microphones. Adobe updates flash player to make it fit better to consumers needs. If your flash player is not updated, omegle cam might not work. So go to Adobe Flash Player’s official website and download the last updated version. Or you can go the settings in Flash Player and enable automatic updates so that your flash player will always be up to date.

4. Cookies 

Cookies are the pieces of data sent by the websites you enter, your computer storages them all and send them back when they are needed. When cookies are accumulated and not used for a long time, this can create problems for the workings of your browser or computer in general. Omegle webcam chat might not be working because of this; go to your browser’s settings and clear all the cookies and cache data.

5. Google’s new policies

Google recently changed Chrome browser’s policies of camera usage. After this change, it only allows websites to use microphone and camera through HTTP systems. Omegle sometimes doesn’t use, so if you are using Chrome, it might be the reason why. Try using another browser.

6. Your computer can be full of viruses.

Some of the harmful software and viruses can cause problems in the general workings of a computer and its devices. If you are using your laptop’s built-in camera, this is likely the reason why you are getting an error in Omegle video chat. Make a detailed virus scan using your antivirus software and make sure you cleaned up all of them.

7. You might be banned by Omegle staff.

The most unlikely but still possible answer to the question “why won’t my camera work on Omegle?” is that your IP might be banned by Omegle staff. Video chat guidelines are very, and although thousands of people are using it for sexual satisfaction, they are not open to inappropriate behavior. If you did something to offend other users before and caused them to report you, Omegle staff might block you. In most cases, you are directly banned so you can’t enter the chat page itself so you won’t be able to see the camera error. But it is also possible that they banned you only from video chatting.

If you are banned and think that this is not a fair punishment, you can go the bottom of the Omegle’s homepage and send Omegle staff feedback. Make sure you enter your e-mail so that they can reach out to you.

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