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Best Omegle Tags – Popular and Good Omegle Interests to Find Females

Omegle is one of the best websites to make friends, since it gives you the opportunity to meet strangers all over the world. The system works like this: You enter the website, no signing up required. You need to decide whether you want to use texting or your webcam. After, you need to choose your interests. For people who just want to have a friendly conversation, that’s easy: they just use popular Omegle tags that had been used before. But if you are on Omegle to chat with girls, you’ll need a few tricks:

1. Make sure you are not talking to a bot.

Unfortunately, there are many bots in Omegle, meaning that most of the time you are not talking to an actual human being, let alone a girl. These bots are usually used by companies who want to promote their products or even worse, cyber-thiefs who are after your bank account or credit card information. You can try to understand bots by asking complex questions or just use the videochat in order to avoid this burden, your call.

2. Omegle interest tags matter!

Despite what many people believe, Omegle tags are not useless, especially if your goal is to have a conversation with a girl. Even though there is no magical Omegle interest to find females, you can pay attention to a few points:

  • You might need to be a little bit sexist.
    Even though we are trying to break gender roles imposed by society as humanity, it’s a fact that there are a few female dominated areas, hobbies or interests. These include: “make up, make up blogger, yoga, pilates, weightloss, fashion, knitting” etc. Don’t be afraid to be creative, write everything you think of when you think about girls and their interests.
  • Avoid male dominated fields.
    We know that this is also sexist but try not to add male dominated fields like politics, economics, football etc. to your omegle tags.
  • Be direct.
    If you are not looking for an actual conversation or a flirt on Omegle don’t try to act like you are. This might surprise you but there are a lot of other females on Omegle who are just looking for  sexual satisfaction virtually. If this is what do you want, just add “online sex, sex, webcam sex” etc. into your omegle common interests.
  • Don’t forget your actual interests.
    Despite the fact that you have ulterior motives, it’s always easier to talk about something that actually interests you. This doesn’t increase your chances of finding females but it’s always worth to try. Best Omegle topics are the ones that you are passionate about.

3. Confirm their gender.

It’s very popular on Omegle to just write “ASL?” (Age, Sex, Location) but it’s not very polite and might make people disconnect immediately. Instead, try to have a few minutes of chit chat and ask their gender and of course, their sexual orientation. Since you are looking for a romantic or sexual conversation, it’s important to keep in mind that the person you matched randomly might be girl but not interested in your own gender. Try not to assume people’s choices and always be polite.

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4. Don’t disconnect right away!

We understand that it can be frustrating to match with man when you are looking forward to meet a female companion but here’s the bad news: If you keep entering a chat and disconnecting immediately for a few times, Omegle’s system marks your IP as suspicious and will probably block your enterance to the website. So try to have a few minutes of small talk with everyone you are matched so that they would know you are not a bot.

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